MobiSystems OfficeSuite v4.5 S60v3 Word, Excel and PowerPoint® files on your Symbian phone

OfficeSuite adalah solusi lengkap untuk Office pada HP anda. Dapat digunakan untuk membuat, melihat, menyuting file Word, Excel, PowerPoint jauh dari kantor anda. Anda dapat menggunakan fitur fitur seperti pada Pc anda.

Lebih mudah dan enak daripada QuickOffice

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Nih fungsi lengkapnya

The Word Editor of OfficeSuite
A powerful tool for creating professional documents, reports, and brochures. You can easily create everything from business letters to complete books with professional layouts, and email them from your phone.


* Opening and editing of Microsoft native DOC files and the commonly used RTF and TXT formats
* True Type fonts and Unicode support
* Advanced spelling capabilities in 6 languages – English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Dutch- word auto-complete and underlining of misspelled words
* Advanced document formatting with embedded tables, images and hyperlinks
* Custom zoom to get best visualization of your documents
* Full preservation of the original document formatting
* Supports password protected Word files

The Excel Manager in OfficeSuite
This application allows you to work with native Microsoft Excel XLS and XML files or the commonly used CSV format right on your mobile phone. A feature-packed spreadsheet manager with which you can calculate, analyze, and visually communicate your data quickly, easily and on the go.


* Opening and edition of Excel XLS and XML files, and CSV files
* Save in the original file format with 100% preservation of the of the document formatting
* Support of True Type fonts and ability to work with multiple fonts, font colors and font styles
* Over 100 common and scientific functions to make your calculations easy and accurate
* Custom zoom for best document visualization
* Charts
* Support of password protected Excel files
* Undo and redo
* Hiding and freezing of columns and rows

PowerPoint® Presentations in OfficeSuite
Slides provides all the resources you need to deliver high-impact presentations from your mobile handset.


* Support of PPT and PPS PowerPoint® native files
* Several different view modes – slide view, slide show, notes and outline view
* True Type fonts and Unicode supported
* Landscape and portrait view modes
* Fullscreen mode


5 Tanggapan to “MobiSystems OfficeSuite v4.5 S60v3 Word, Excel and PowerPoint® files on your Symbian phone”

  1. rudy ardiansyah Says:

    SN nya berapa bos

  2. Admin Says:

    SN nya dibuat dulu di keygen nya

  3. taro "all about selingkuh " Says:

    keren juga yah
    sayang punyanya cuman nokia xm 5130
    nih hpku symbian versi berapa ya

  4. klewer66 Says:

    kalau mau di install di n-95 bisa nggak mas ?

  5. Santosa SP Says:

    Pak Admin
    kalau HP Java ada office suitenya tidak ya?
    terima kasih

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